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September 23 - 30, 1999

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Pizzaman and the Hideout

A superhero for mild-mannered Newton Centre

by Liz Zack

"We want to know why there was never a Pizza-Man," says Rich Vautour, owner of the Newton restaurant Pizzaman and the Hideout.

In this stone-walled subterranean lair, adorned with posters of Spider-Man and Captain America, Pizza-Man's absence does seem conspicuous. But if he existed, Pizza-Man would come here often, and he sure would eat well.

It's hard for a pizza place to get recognition outside the hallowed cobblestoned streets of the North End, but Vautour is a vocal contender. His pizza owes its tastiness to the smooth, slightly sweet sauce; there's a secret un-traditional ingredient involved (you'll have to ask him), and the result is mellow, more creamy than sugary, spread on a thin-crusted crispy pie ($5.45 for a small, $9.45 for a large). A notable side worth checking out is the onion rings -- sweet, crispy fried things as large as your fist for $1.75. The veggie sub is a mighty 12 inches and is filled with all types of fresh pizza toppings ($4.95 for a large).

Pizzaman has great potential for a cult following, with its superheroes and its super pizza, and Vautour is amply prepared. After dinner, for between $10 and $15, you can go home with a Pizzaman T-shirt of your very own.

Pizzaman and the Hideout, located at 80 Langley Street, in Newton Centre, is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. Call (617) 964-4441.

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