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February 19 - 26, 1998

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Boston Shawarma

Lebanon on Huntington

On the Cheap by Alison Cicchetti

Anyone new to Middle Eastern food will find Boston Shawarma a good place to start. Located on Huntington Avenue, along Northeastern's fast-food row, this no-frills Lebanese storefront lists such an overwhelming array of choices on its overhead board that we suggest you refer to the paper menu, which has descriptions of the less-familiar items. Kebabs are popular here, but as the name suggests, the focus is on the shawarma. Marinated and seasoned beef, lamb, or chicken roast slowly on special machines, then get cut into thin slices to make a pita sandwich ($3.99) or a meal that includes rice, tahini sauce, hummus or baba ghanoosh, and a salad ($5.99). Other good choices are the grape leaves ($1.59), the tabouleh ($2.95), and the baba ghanoosh sandwich ($3.10). And don't forgo the tempting desserts: aside from the expected baklava, there's the burma ($1.35), a shredded-wheat pastry, and halawet eljeben ($3.99), a Middle Eastern sweet cheese topped with nuts, syrup, and whipped cream.

Boston Shawarma, located at 315a Huntington Avenue, Boston, is open daily from 10 a.m. to midnight. Call (617) 536-3577.

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