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Anna's Taqueria

Brookliners have long been lacking a clean, well-lit, dirt-cheap taco shop. In Anna's Taqueria, they've finally got one. This sandy-tiled, sunny, roomy Cal-Mex spot opened where a previous Mexican place folded, and it's a good bet that Anna's won't succumb to the same fate. The menu's long on value, the staff is cheerful, and there are border blues tapes playing. Start with corn chips (75 cents) and a good salsa (add 75 cents) or guacamole ($1). Choose a main item: grilled chicken, grilled veggies, steak, or delicious carnitas (pork with green chili). Then select your toppings: boiled pinto beans, fresh cilantro/tomato salsa, optional hot green jalape–o sauce. Put those ingredients in burritos ($2.75) - flour tortilla roll-ups - or have them grilled as quesadillas (they're bustin' with spicy rice and cheese, and weigh in at a pound). Super burritos ($3.50) are lots bigger. Tacos ($1.85) have fewer ingredients in a crispy corn tortilla. Combination plates are also available. Dessert is flan ($2). Chill with sangr’a or fruit soda.
Anna's Taqueria is located at 1412 Beacon Street, on the Green Line C Route, one stop past Coolidge Corner. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Call 739-7300.

- Fred Bouchard


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