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Nana's High Tea

A perfect way to start (or end) an afternoon of antiquing is with a trip to the fourth floor of the Cambridge Antique Market. Nana's High Tea occupies a quaint corner alcove, decorated with teapot-patterned tablecloths and a panoply of assorted tea towels draped on the wall. At Nana's, a pot of tea -- Darjeeling, Earl Grey, and assorted herbals and green teas -- arrives at your table in one of the charming teapots from the house collection ($1.50 for a small pot; $2.50 for a large).

In addition to tea, Nana's serves bagels with assorted toppings. The tuna with dill is a great choice, as is the Antiquer's Lunch: hunks of havarti and cheddar, accompanied by a superlative mango chutney. Ham salad and cream cheese are other mouth-watering options (bagels range from $1 to $3).

Antiquers with a sweet tooth might opt for something special from the dessert counter. Lemon-poppyseed, carrot, and almond cake are among the baked goods that have made an appearance here ($2.50 a slice).

Nana's High Tea is located on the fourth floor of the Cambridge Antique Market, at 201 Msgr. O'Brien Highway, near the Lechmere T Station, in Cambridge. Hours are Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 868-9655.

-- Stephanie Lipka